Unexpected Blessings

The title of this entry is not going to be your usual thought of “unexpected blessings”. Bear with me.

Living close to my family currently, we try to have family nights once a week. This past Sunday night we had scheduled to get together. My mother was going to cook and we were all going to her house for dinner and games. Well, just this week we have started the phase of “Oliver needs to be comforting himself at night—so just let him cry until he does”. We’ve been pretty strict at putting him down at 8 until he gets the hang of nighttime. This particular Sunday night I was feeling very adamant that we should host everyone at our house instead. That way Oliver could be in his normal routine, have a bath, and be down in his own bed at his regular time. Everyone was fine with it. My mother brought food over, my brother came along, and my friend Nicky even joined us for the evening. Talk about a house full of great people!

As the night went on, we got Oliver down in bed and decided on dessert and some games. Almost immediately after we’d begun playing (Phase 10 for those of you who are curious!), something in me began to feel pretty uneasy. I tried to push through and continue playing, but the feeling just got stronger. I gave up, gave into the feeling in my stomach, and excused myself from the game. Boy, was I grateful I left when I did! Only minutes later did everything I ate resurface. It was pretty ugly. All of the guests left pretty quickly once they realized the events happening and Ben was my hero (as always) in taking care of me.

Where in all of that was the blessing part? When has a nasty stomachache ever been considered a blessing? I’ve said this forever and I’ll say it again, I’d rather be sick in any other way for way longer than have to deal with an upset stomach for an hour. But remember I said to bear with me for the blessing part?! Here goes:


  1. I was so adamant about being in my own home for the night to make sure Oliver could get used to his new night routine. Could you imagine having to be sick in another home with your husband to take care of an exhausted baby and also drive home with a wife who couldn’t even leave the bathroom? I was able to be sick in my own house, crawl my way to the couch, and sleep there for the night.
  2. Oliver had already been tucked away for the evening. He was safe, sound, and asleep in his own room. He was completely taken care of already.
  3. My mother cooked and brought dinner over so there was very little clean up involved.


Obviously getting sick is never a blessing. However, the Lord helped me see past my inconvenience and see how He blessed me and took care of the situation that He knew was coming. So you say, “If He knew you were going to be sick, why didn’t He just stop it and let that be your blessing?” And you know, I’m not 100% sure why God allows certain things to happen. But I do know that you can always find His love in the midst of chaos. Instead of stopping it, He allowed me to see the ways He brought comfort during my body needing to purge all that went into it. Be encouraged today. It may not be a stomachache that is plaguing your day, but know that in the midst of chaos, sickness, hurt, frustration, God’s hand is there. His love is there. Be on the lookout for His blessing and the way He takes care of those who trust in Him.

Ever experienced “unexpected blessings” during the midst of chaos and turmoil? Please do share! I’d love to hear how you’ve seen God’s hand and felt His love during the not-so-happy times.

PS – Soup is always a great choice when one is “under the weather”. Click here to find the recipe to a tasty pumpkin soup Ben made me while I was recovering.

  • February 8, 2016
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