The Miraculous

Hello my dear friends! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write and it’s caused me to miss you! Consider this our moment of sipping coffee and enjoying some “me” time together.

Our church had an outreach this past weekend and it was incredible. People were getting healed—PHYSICALLY. I mean come on, how often do you see someone pull out their oxygen and trach tubes and run up and down flights of stairs because Jesus healed them?!

This particular passage in the Bible has just been constantly demanding my attention. It’s found in Luke chapter 6 and verses 18 &19. Jesus had been praying on a mountain and when he came back down, he was surrounded by his followers and crowds of people. Luke states, “They had come to hear him and to be healed of their diseases, and those troubled by evil spirits were healed. Everyone tried to touch him, because healing power went out from him, and he healed everyone.”

The reason my attention keeps being pulled back to these verses is because it’s not a common thing to see someone pull out their oxygen saying that Jesus healed them or for someone who has been experiencing back pain for years be able to reach down and touch their toes. But here’s the thing: the Bible says that Jesus healed everyone. And if you follow Christ, then you believe that he is the same God now as he was then. So if that’s the case, wouldn’t Jesus want people being healed to be a common thing?

Like I said, I’ve just been going over that passage like crazy, studying it and trying my best to understand it. I don’t know why sometimes we can pray and believe for something and it just doesn’t happen. But I do know that from my own personal experience, even just this weekend, sometimes in order to actually receive healing, you have to admit that you need it. That was my case. Yes, pride crept in like crazy and I began to deal with insecurities (ugh, get away from me) and what ifs, but nevertheless, I had a moment of sheer desperation needing God to move in my life or I couldn’t live in the full potential he has for me. 


Is there something you need healing for today? Anything? Physical, emotional, mental, whatever it is, I believe that Jesus wants to heal you. We hear all the time that nothing is too big for God, but you know what else? God cares about the really small things, too—the things that are so small they seem unimportant and go unnoticed. Nothing goes unnoticed by God. Be filled with faith, admit to God what you need freedom from, and believe that He wants to heal you and will.

  • May 23, 2016
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