Ollie & Nature

Our little Oliver is 11 months today. My how time flies! It’s hard to believe he has been adventuring through life for one whole year now. His personality is really shining through. Everyday we see more and more of who God created him to be and it’s just so sweet to experience it.

He’s quite the lover of nature. I’ve been around lots of children and I’m not sure I’ve known any of them to study the wind blowing through the trees. Since Oliver was about 4 months old, the wind captured his attention. Whenever we go on a walk, he loves to have a “treasure” to hold—any sort of flower or leaf. Just the other day we were sitting on a blanket and we found a roly-poly (you know, those tiny black bugs that curl up as soon as you touch them!). Oliver kept studying it as it crawled and then he was super excited to hold it. We went camping recently and he discovered rocks. Every parent’s nightmare. He was so sneaky and quick to shove one in his mouth and just suck on it like it’s nature’s candy or something!

I’ve begun to realize that whenever I take him outside, all of life slows down as we start to pick apart everything we see in detail. Today it was butterflies. Simple, white butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. I’m reminded of the moment God made creation. In the Bible it says after every time the Lord created something, “And God saw that it was good.” My hope and prayer recently has been that I take notice in the world God created. May I be in awe of the tiny veins in the wings of a dragonfly. May I allow myself to be refreshed when the rains come. May I take time to make silly shadows with Oliver due to the warm sun shining its light. May all of us view what God created as treasures we get to enjoy, including the people around us. And may it help us to slow down, soak in life, choose peace, and enjoy God forever.

Make some time to adventure sometime soon! It’s so good for the soul to disconnect from regular life for a while. Allow God to bring refreshment as you set time aside to marvel at His creation.

  • August 1, 2016
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