Life is a Highway

When we moved to PA, we were in our new home for only one week (well, more like 5 days) before we headed out for our Christmas travels.

First stop: Kentucky

Our dear friends were getting married and we were so happy to celebrate with them. Ben saw tons of his friends that he grew up with in Spain and I was able to put faces with all of the names I’d heard. Oliver enjoyed himself, too. He “whipped and nae-naed” at the reception like there was no tomorrow!

Second stop: Branson, MO

Almost the entire Bock family was able to get together for Christmas! This was a HUGE deal! With Ben’s parents living in Spain, a cousin in Cambodia, and family spread across the nation, reunions are a bit tough. We rented a giant home for 14 of us and spent 10 days together. It was truly joyous. We got to meet our niece Addie. She and Ollie became quick friends as they cooed and enjoyed time on their play-mat together. It was here that Ollie learned how to hold and use his hands. I sat around laughing and soaking in our time with family. As a little girl, I always prayed for a big family. I find it so special that the Lord will not only make sure we have what we need, but that He sometimes will give us things we just hope for because He’s that great of a father.

Third stop: Louisiana

Our next destination was southern Alabama, but on our way there, we were able to continue some of the Bock Christmas by stopping at Ben’s sister and husband’s house. His parents were there, too, which was great to spend a few more days with them before they headed back to Spain. Once again, Addie and Ollie played and we relished in our last few moments together.

Fourth and final stop: Alabama

Bringing in the new year, we had a few services in my home town to share our heart for the Balkans. My mother had just sold her house to move to PA, but didn’t have to be out until the day we were headed back home, so we were able to stay in my childhood home with her! It was great and our services were such a joy. We saw some old friends and had tons of southern food and sweet tea. THE LIFE!

Ending our trip, Oliver has slept in 5 different places including beds, closets, floors, and hotels. He’s quite the traveler! We saw so many of the Lord’s blessings along the way. Though we are happy to be back home, it’s always sad to see such good times end. However, I think it’s when things come to an end that we begin to find joy in looking forward to them happening again.

  • February 1, 2016
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