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Y’all, I don’t know what my deal is lately. I have fallen 3 times in the last month. That’s more than I have fallen in like a 10 year span.

The fall that started it all:

A few weeks ago after putting Oliver to sleep for the night, we headed downstairs and my feet decided to fail me. We have a total of 12 steps. My foot slipped off of the 2nd from the top and I did not stop sliding until I hit the 9th step. Please tell me how it is possible to have so much momentum from a slow-paced walk?! It sounded like a dinosaur was running down our stairs. The only thing missing was hearing a Referee yell “SAFE” and feeling accomplished in scoring the winning run of the playoffs for my softball team. Sadly, I’m not on a softball team and there was no Ref. I did have a bruise the size of a softball for about 2 weeks, though. At least I had a battle wound for the fall I’d taken!

About a week later, we were picking my mother up to run some errands. It had just snowed majorly and her driveway was pretty icy so we couldn’t make it up in the truck. I decided to hop out and get my mother while leaving the guys in the truck. As we were headed down the driveway, my mother said, “Why didn’t you come all the way up?” To which I began to respond, “Under the snow is solid ice…” I didn’t even get the full sentence out of my mouth and both of us fell and slid maybe a foot down her driveway! Thankfully, we weren’t hurt at all and had a great laugh. I’m 100% jealous of Ben who watched it all from the truck like a comedy movie.

Just 2 days ago we were headed out to have breakfast at my mother’s home. Ben took Oliver to the car (don’t blame me for not trusting myself to carry the carseat outside with my recent record) and I was carrying a heavy laundry basket filled to the top. After making it down our steps and to our sidewalk, something happened and the next thing I knew I was on my knees in the snow bending over my laundry as if it had asked me for prayer. I chuckled thinking maybe this was God’s humorous way of saying I need to spend more time with Him.

I’ve accepted that my legs are very similar to a newborn lamb’s. That’s all for today. I hope my wobbly moments from the past month bring a smile to your Monday. And of course, fall stories are my favorite! Do you have any? I’d love to know I’m not the only hazardous one!

  • February 15, 2016